Cub Scout Uniforms

A uniform is important in scouting because it shows a unity of purpose — it unites the individuals as a group.  And it is where the Cub will display their badges of advancement.

Uniforms  If you are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade you will wear a blue shirt, blue pants, and a neckerchief in the correct color: orange for Tigers, yellow for Wolves, and blue for Bears. Webelos can wear either the blue shirt of Cub Scouts, OR the khaki shirt, the same one the Boy Scouts wear. All Webelos will wear the Webelos neckerchief which is yellow, blue, and red plaid. The blue and yellow is to remind them they are still in a Pack and the red is to remind them they will be moving to Boy Scouts soon.

Uniforms can be purchased online (at, or sometimes you can find a great deal on Ebay), or at the local scout shop.  Our scout shop is located in “Flag Plaza”, across from the old Civic Arena.  The address is 1275 Bedford Avenue. Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

We also have a uniform exchange box in the Pack, with some items donated by previous scouts.  We encourage you to add your no-longer-needed items to the box when you are done with them.   If finances are an issue, the Pack does have funds to assist scouts in need.  Please contact the Cubmaster to discuss it.

Here are the items you will need:

  • A shirt (blue or khaki, as described above)
  • A neckerchief for the appropriate level
  • A neckerchief slide
  • The cub scout belt.
Hats and pants are NOT required — they are considered optional by our pack (but at the Scout Shop you may be pressured to buy them).

You should also pick up a council strip:

 laurel_highlands_council patch

If you have been assigned a den, then you should get a den number patch.  Don’t buy pack numbers — we provide you with a custom patch for Pack 843.

Where do all the patches go?
cub scout badge patch placement


The Webelos Colors (the three-color ribbon) is only worn by Webelos scouts.

webelos_pocketFor a Webelos scout wearing the blue shirt, the diamond Webelos badge can be worn in place of the Tiger badge.  For a Webelos scout wearing the khaki shirt, just the oval Webelos patch (shown here) should be worn on the left front pocket.  The other rank patches (bobcat, wolf, etc) should not be worn.  Blue shoulder tabs on the Khaki shirt identify the wearer as a Cub Scout.